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Due to the nature of the business, quality control, health codes, plus health concerns for our current breeding dogs, puppies and upcoming litters, we are unable to accept returns on any live animals. Animals that have left our environment, likely have been exposed to many viruses, bacteria, bugs and/or other contaminants that may pose a health risk to the animal and our current dogs. 


Our veterinarian carefully examines each puppy before leaving us to determine that it is in good health and to date on current vaccines required by law in the State of Florida.


If you have made a deposit on a Corgi puppy, which is under 10 weeks of age, we will transfer your funds (within a 2 year period) to another litter or dog purchase.

For purchased puppies or adult animals, whether trained or not, we cannot guarantee that the said animal will adjust to you, your family or environment. We cannot be held responsible for the personal likes, or dislikes of any animal being adopted or purchased through us. We ask that adopting families take great care and thought into the adoption process.  This is a creature that will be affected by life changes.  Please be considerate of the precious creatures feelings and needs, especially adjustment periods.


Ultimately, it is the new owners responsibility to adopt responsibly.  All adoptees are encourage to consider their lifestyle, stage in life, living situation and personal time to help a dog adjust.  It is the responsibility of the adopting owner to educate themselves on dog commands, pack leadership and the basic commands, that their new family member knows, to help the transition to go smoothly and happily. A Corgi has its own mind and soul. It may or may not adjust to your lifestyle or household or application.  

Under no circumstances will we refund any money for; returned, exchanged or rescue dogs / puppies.


We will assist you in adopting a dog or puppy the best suits your needs. Ultimately it is the owners option and choice to take an animal into their home.  It is our concern that each dog be in an environment that will provide it a safe, loving, caring, stable, and respected life. We are equally as concerned that the new owners provide a safe means to keep the animal home and respect the community in which they reside as well as local and state or provincial laws. 

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