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Nanny Service offered by Imperial Corgies

Hand Delivery

These Pet Nanny's fly with your Corgi puppy on the airplane and escorts him from Miami, FL, and Hand Delivers the puppy to you at the airport.

No Cargo 

No Cargo for your Corgi puppy. Your baby is seated with their Pet Nanny on the airplane and never leaves their side, being cared for all the way home.

Same Day Transports 

Most transports are completed the same day within a few hours. 

Pampered Pets 

For every Corgi puppy that is in their care longer than 6 hours, they providing food, playtime, socializing and a bath before they travel.

Shipping with a Nanny Service is a flat rate charge of $750 for the East Coast, $800 for Central America and $900 for the West Coast.




  • When Corgi puppy is 7 weeks old, a full or balance payment is due prior the booking of the flight

  • Usually within the next few days we are able to find a proper flight for your puppy

  • We will provide you with Airline name,  flight numbers and arrival time. 

  • One day prior arrival I will contact you to confirm the flight.

  • On the day of the shipping I will contact you as soon your puppy is checked in successfully 


What should you bring to the airport? 


  • Photo ID for the person listed to receive the Corgi puppy (which is the buyer, unless you told me otherwise). 

  • Water to offer the puppy at the airport or at your vehicle.  There will be a food and water dish attached to the inside of the carrier, so you don't need a bowl. 

  • A collar (8+" generally fits) and leash to allow the puppy to exercise a little before the drive home, and for potty stops. 

  • Baby wipes or a couple wet wash cloths to wipe off the puppy's feet, as they might be soiled from the trip. Corgi don't normally potty in their "homes," but generally, the travel time is longer than they can hold it. 

  • A plastic garbage bag or grocery bag to dump the soiled bedding from the travel carrier into for disposal. 

  • A clean towel or something soft and cuddly to put into the carrier for your drive home from the airport.


Please be at the airport immediately upon your puppy's arrival! It is best for your Corgi puppy to be picked up immediately, and also the nanny gets nervous if you are not waiting there. ​​​​

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