Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breeder, Imperial Corgis, offers an Emotional Support Dog program!

ESAnimals Logo Emotional Support Dog
ESAnimals Logo Emotional Support Dog

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breeder and ESAnimals take the hassle and confusion out of making a pet an Emotional Support Animal. With a quick and easy process we make it simple for people to be able to bring their best friend wherever they go! ESAnimals completes an Evaluation done by one of their licensed Mental Health Counselors, which they will then determine if the client qualifies for ESA assistance.

Upon approval of evaluation they will then send you your ESA Kit, which will include the following items (housing and/or air travel letters, ID card and an ESA vest).


From there, they ensure a renewed, stress-free lifestyle to their newest ESAnimals family member with their emotional support animal right by your side! With exceptional customer service, they take pride in being able to assist all of their clients with any and all questions they may have! 

Emotional Support Animal ID Card
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